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May 16, 2016

Goodyear Arts is  currently located at 516 N. College Street, Charlotte, NC.  We host arts events and have open gallery hours during following times:

Friday: 5-9
Saturday: 12-5

Goodyear Arts Gallery:



mood: B L A C K:  May 12 – June 3


What would it mean to cultivate a brave Black space for radical, multidisciplinary artists to exhibit work that reaches beyond movements? Black people have always endured the state of chaos, crisis, and white supremacy that some are just becoming aware of today.  Join us for an evening of shared resistance, risk-taking, and a critical interrogation of the current political condition.


Join us for the opening of mood: B L A C K on May 12, 6-9pm.. Free parking in the lot out front + complimentary beers.



The BB Gallery:

The Bb Gallery is a unique gallery experience curated by Renee Cloud that transforms 120 square feet into impactful exhibitions for new and emerging artists.  14 weeks/7 shows.

John Duper Morse: 3/31 to 4/8

Reception: 4/7 6-9pm

Morse is a printmaker from Asheville, NC whose work embodies the spirit of play. Using bright colors and original shapes, Morse has transformed the gallery into a playroom for the imagination, complete with an interactive magnetic story board for viewers to play with.



Elliot Keeley: 4/14 to 4/22

Reception: 4/21 6-9pm

Keeley makes work that studies experimentation and rhythm, as well as humor and intimacy. He is currently a core fellow at Penland School of Craft where he is incorporating a more sustainable artistic practice in the face of a seemingly profligate world.



benshoffMorgan Benshoff: 4/27 to 5/6

Reception: 4/27 6-9pm

Benshoff is a painter from Greensboro, NC whose work explores curiosity and circumstance. Her paintings walk the line between formal and free, which invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and frivolity.


Aljournal Franklin II: 5/12 to 5/20

Reception: 5/12 6-9pm

Franklin is an illustrator and abstractionist currently living in Savannah, GA. His work focuses on capturing the moments within emotions, as well as the creations of his imagination.





Upcoming Events:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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